my terribly sloppy bio

Hi, I’m Jamie.  I’m terrible at bios, but I guess I ought to give you something.  I’m 35, I live in the southern United States (I’m a pacific northwest transfer, though), and I have a kind-of weird life.  I’ve got a husband who I am madly in love with, who drives me crazy, and who is the best co-pilot anyone could ask for. I’m a SAHM to three kids, who I also adore wildly … and who also drive me crazy! My oldest is a tall, mouthy, preteen bookworm.  She’s 11 and her name is Chicken, for the purpose of this blog.  My middlest is a little dude I’m calling Duck. Duck is my little artist with autism and I’ll be writing about that quite a bit.  My baby – we’ll call her Wren – just turned one and is a super genius – no, really … I’m serious.  I’m a liberal hippie, complete with occasionally questionable hygiene (but mostly because I’m busy) and the democratic party card in my non-animal-skin wallet.  I’m a big believer in gentle parenting and you’ll probably hear a lot about that here.  I’m a bookworm, too, with a ksoft spot for dinosaurs and movies based on comic books.


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